Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things on my wish list.

1...A Nindeno DS (I'm a 15 yr old boy at heart sometimes)

2...Wireless internet (I just wanna IM people from my bed!)

3...Sky Movies back......I MISS SKY MOVIES!!!!!

4...PEACE AND QUIET (its half term.....he's been home all week, and nothing I have tried today has got him dressed yet!)

5...The ability to do a full food shop. (ok, a daft thing to have on your wish list I guess, but frankly, I never have the money, and when I have got the money, I cant get the damn stuff home!)

6...To learn to drive (see above mentioned shopping!) I am now A SIZE SMALLER........I only have one pair of jeans that stay up!

8...a shower in my bathroom...........I just want to hop in, get clean, and hop out again, instead, I can never resist taking my time in the bath!

9...A garden..........or a house with a garden..........I want to be able to sit outside in a garden without looking like a freak for being sat on the concrete balcony outside!

10...To actually decorate this house. I've been here 3 years next month and only one room's been done so far.

11...a divorce.

12...more patience....I'm short on patience and long on temper this week.

13...more quality time with my son. Whilst I do enjoy my job, and love that he goes to school and loves it, I miss being a stay home mum, and I miss him!

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Tracie said...

I want a laptop!! We have got the wireless internet.....just no laptop. I want to blog from bed :)

My TT is up!

Chelle Y. said...

I think many of us can be a "15 year old" at heart sometimes.

Racy Li said...

Video games ROCK!

And I am SO with you on that house decorating thing. I moved into my apartment a year ago. I've been so busy that our walls are still bare, and there are STILL boxes I haven't unpacked (amazing how much junk one acculmulates!)

My TT is up! :)

Tammy said...

Congrats on getting into a smaller size!! That is a wonderful feeling!! Great TT!!

Mine is up!

Mama Duck said...

I want a laptop and that Nintendo too ;).

Anonymous said...

Great list. :) I want a Nintendo DS too - or a Sony PSP. :)

I love my wireless internet with my laptop. :) It's great. :)

Happy TT. :)

Jack said...

wireless internet rocks. having a XDA with wireless, the ability to IM and surf the web from the pub is just awesome!