Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16

Thirteen Things that rock my world!!!!

1…My son, in all his glory, craziness and insanity!!!!!

2...Lindor Chocolate......they've just released a mint truffle one and they are INCREDIBLE!!!!

3...The Dresden Files on telly. I have all of Jim Butcher's books, and the television series ROCKS!

4...Books, lots and lots of books!!!!

5...Devil food chocolate cake. I love it, I want to eat it all the time, I get fatter just being in the same room as it!!!

6...The Blogosphere. I potter around here far more that you'd realise!!!

7...COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE...I truely could not live without coffee, I'm just glad Amy is just as bad as me!!!!

8...Ameretto flavoured coffee...OH MY S**T...THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

9...My work friends. How lucky am I to get to work with people that I actually like!!!!

10...Thunder storms. Big-ass, full on thunder storms. The ones where you turn all the lights off and spend the night just watching and listening to the weather.

11...Having money in the bank. It doesnt happen often, and doesnt stay there long, but it sure feels good when I've actually got some!!!

12...My Nindento DS. Its my guilty secret. I couldnt really afford it, but I was sick of sitting in a night with nothing to do, and it is so, so beautiful!!!

13...My friends. Despite the events of the last few weeks, they are still the best!

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Ingrid said...

great list!!!

WAHM said...

Great 13!! I can relate to most of them!!!

Coco said...

hmm... chocolate, books, chocolate cake, blogosphere, thunderstorms, having money in the bank, friends... love 'em too :)

happy TT!

jenny said...

i love devil's choco cake! yum! everything seems to be ok whenever i eat that,lol! looks like u are one happy gal!

Jenny said...

I'm with ya on the Nintendo DS. Couldn't afford mine either when I got it, now I don't know how I got by without it. It's a sanity saver for sure...much cheaper than therapy too! :P

Kim Rees / Kim Knox said...

Books, books, books.

Yep. They're an addiction.