Wednesday, March 21, 2007


yup, 'tis the first day of spring. Not that you'd know it from the weather, what with the bitter wind chill and the short flurries of snow we've been having, but the start of spring none the less.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, the first day of spring is where my mood lightens, I get my s**t together and I stop taking the aforementioned s**t. Given whats been going on in my life these last few weeks this is a good thing. Phil is gonna have to adjust to not being able to treat me like he does (I think maybe out of habit, I've taken it for so long that he thinks nothing of treating me badly) but other than that, for the next six months at least, I shouldn't hit bottom again!

I also got my groove back on at work today. When I got there, there were 3 extra cages in the stock room (now gone), 5 stocktakes to do (all done), far too many soft drinks to reduce (I THINK I got 'em all), and stock to work (a fair bit of it done). I rock. There is no doubt about this. I also ache, but that I'll get over. When I'm in a funk, my work suffers, and I find that so hard to live with, I like to be able to take pride in my work, and lately I havent been able to. I can today which has definately brightened my mood.

We have also started selling BIG-ASS cans of Red Bull, this too has contributed to my hyperness!!!!

And, today, Amy bought me a fridge magnet that says 'My family tree is full of nuts'!! So true, and I want fridge magnets, cos I've finally got a fridge that I can fill with my boys paintings and other things, so I NEED magnets!!!!!

In other news.......

I have had a fantastic phone call with Amanda. Its grounded me and put me back in my own skin.

I DIDNT fall out with Phil today, for the FIRST TIME in about 19 days (in a row, yes folks, IN A ROW, not that I sat with my calander tonight to work it out or anything)

I'm blogging again (in case no-one noticed...............I'M AN ATTENTION SLUT, PAY ATTENTION!!)

I intend to TT tomoro!!!!

My boy is wonderful, thou pushing me a little of late!!!

I may be addicted to !'s!!!!

Ebay is evil and is going to end up costing me THE EARTH...but I love it anyway!!!

And theres something else, that I should shout from the rooftops, but I'm not gonna, cos every girl needs a secret!!!!!!!!

Happy first day of spring everyone!!


Graeme said...

yey, I'm well chuffed you are feeling better. And it was cool to FINALLY work with you again today...even if it was only for an hour!!!!