Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tired Girlie

ugh, am very tired now, was just me and Ness for most of the day, so i used up all my energy dealing with stupid customers. I'm not being petulant, they really were stupid.......for example......we have two offers on sweets on at the moment, one is 3 for £1 one is 4 for £1.......obvioulsy they are different sweets, as in one by Nestle and one by so far this makes sense. We also have to stock in dump bins, with BIG signs showing these, my intellectually challenged customer comes up with 3 from the 4 for £1 and 1 from the other........i explain the problem, but he wants to buy them anyway.....then he demands a receipt, claims that i am trying to sell him one chocolate bar for £1 and asks for a refund on all of them........then comes back to the till, with the right chocolate this time.....and buys them, muttering about the signs not being clear enough.........not clear enough????? you actually have to be blind not to see them, also they have PICTURES............damnit.

After that, the normal sort of stupidness until the moment we ran out of carrier bags (i know, we're a freaking shop, but these things happen). Most customers were ok with it, i mentioned it before i put their shopping thru, giving them the chance to change their minds if they had large amounts of goods. HOWEVER, would you believe that there were customers that thought i was LYING.......why would i lie about it??????? What possible reason could i have for lying about carrier bags for crying out they think that there is about to be a shortage of some sort and that i am hogging them all for myself??.........if that wasnt bad enough, there was one customer demanding that we found her a bag because she was on a bike.......where were we to find this bag from exactly????????? Ness had to get a lift because she had to take her shopping home in a bin bag, if the assintant manager can make do then without a doubt the customers can do the same.........not only that, but really, its not anyone fault we're out of them, its just one of those things. surely other people can understand that......but they cant, because they want something and see no logical reason why they cant have it. ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH......and this is why i hate working with customers......on the till, where i cant get away from them and they will treat me like i have an IQ of 12 just because they think they can.

Ok, rant over, gonna go make a cuppa and do the boys bits for school tomoro.