Wednesday, March 29, 2006


D'OH...........I cant believe i havent posted for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will credit Graeme with prompting this post as he actually signs my guestbook, and noticed the distinct lack of 'bloggage'!!!

This being said, not a lot has been going on.......i could witter on about the chaos at work.......which really was stunning..............if you can imagine, i walk into a half darkened store, complete with random beeping noise, and my mother in there!!!! Then, while in the queue, my mother is making comments that really, are just infuriating the manager (cos there wasnt enough to do that already!). I walk into the stock room which held many many cages of stock.........YAY (!)...........then we find out all the power was going to be cut off, so that they could repair the damage that had been caused.......of course, they didnt have the courtesy to actually come over and tell us, Graeme had to go and actually ask them what was going on! So, obviously we had to shut the shop, which caused no end of hassle for us, as our customers are unable to read and therefore actually understand the words that said we were CLOSED.......not only that, all the lights were exactly what made them think we were actually open?????? fools!!!! This is what i get for working in the geographical area that i do, complete morons for customers!

This being said, we had a giggle putting the stock out in the dark, and without having to trip over the customers, and we got thru an awful lot......infact, when i left at 7, it had ALL been worked, there was not a single case left to be put out.

Other than that, i should be getting my phone reconnected tomoro (stroke the Dave for giving me a loan to speed up the process......thou it is strikely a LOAN and if he thinks differently i shall bite a NON-FUN way!)

So, after that quick update on the whole lotta nufin going on in my life i am off to watch 'Cold Case'...........I have a problem......i need help.